Public Affairs at FREENOW

The Public Affairs team at FREENOW actively contributes to policy making. This is an integral part of the democratic process and a legitimate activity as it enables the representation of different societal interests.

As a market leader in multi-mobility services in Europe, we believe it is our duty to take part in the public decision-making process at the European Union level. Not to mention engaging with decision makers within the countries and the cities where we operate, while maintaining the highest standard of transparency at all times. 

Our mission is to help modern cities thrive and passengers to have access to seamless, inclusive and effective transport. For this reason, we are committed to carrying out business with the highest ethical standards and being honest and transparent in our relationships with customers, business partners and public officials. 

We regularly engage with communities and industry experts to share our insights and expertise on the future of mobility. Through collaboration, we can drive innovation and positive change in the industry to help benefit everyone.