How to ride TIER eBikes with FREENOW

Ready for your first trip, but not sure how to get started? We got you. Read on to learn how to ride a TIER eBike.


Find and unlock

Tap the '2-wheels' tab at the bottom of your screen to find your TIER eBike on the map. 

Choose one and unlock it with the app by sliding ‘Start the rental’. You can also scan a bicycle’s QR code.

If you rent an eBike with an additional manual lock — pull the lock out of the right side of the rear wheel, and place it in the holder on top of the rear wheel.


Getting road-ready

Make sure your brakes and lights are working. Check your tyres have enough air. Adjust the saddle with the handle below the seat if you need to. Hop on your bike and you’re good to go!


Safety is key

  • Be attentive: watch out for large vehicles, don’t drive in blind spots and always stay focused and aware of your surroundings, the traffic and pedestrians.
  • Wear a helmet - it protects you.
  • Please obey local traffic laws and use bike lanes where possible. 
  • Don’t drink and ride.

Ending your rental

To end your trip, park the eBike within a designated area. Push the kickstand down. 

For eBikes with an additional manual lock — put the lock through the hole on the right side of the back wheel.

Make sure you find the best spot for your eBike. Park responsibly, be a nice human and keep sidewalks, bike lanes and driveways clear.

Open the app and tap the ‘End rental’ button. Time to take it easy!



Get in touch:

- Send email

- or call TIER’s hotline: 030 568 386 51Riding in London? More info here