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    Suggested for companies with less than 50 employees. Seamlessly manage your customised account from the dashboard, view detailed reports and eliminate the time-consuming expensing process for your travellers and accounting teams.
    Onboarding & Account Management Tools
    • Self-sign up
    • Unlimited employee registration
    • Web Booker
    Payment Options
    • Credit card payment methods: Individual or centralised corporate payments
    • Automated integration to expense tools (SAP Concur and Amadeus Cytric)
    Business Travel Ride Options
    • FREENOW fleet
    • Carsharing
    Suggested for companies with more than 50 employees. Have extra control and adjust your team's travel to align with company needs. Set up individual travel policies, be more flexible with different payment methods.
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    Onboarding & Account Management Tools
    • All Basic Package Features

    • Dedicated onboarding assistant
    • Customisable cost centre creation and allocation
    • Travel Policy Builder
    • Automated employee sync via SFTP
    Payment Options
    • All Basic Package Features

    • Monthly invoices

    • All Basic Package Features

    • Sustainable travel options, such as electric taxis
    • CO2 emission reporting

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