Gamification: Level Up Your Business Travel Policy Programme

Apr 18, 2024
Business Travel
employees riding scooter

If you’re looking for a way to improve employee engagement in your travel programs, look no further than gamification.

Gamification in business travel is an innovative travel management strategy that involves incentivising your employees to care more about your travel policies. By offering rewards in exchange for compliance, you’ll improve staff engagement while making your business travel policy a bit more fun.

FREENOW recently surveyed 3,666 European business travellers to learn more about what they think about their employer’s business travel policy. 54% of those we surveyed said gamification would make their company’s business travel program more attractive.

But why does gamification boost travel policy adoption, and how do you use it to create a fun and effective business travel policy for your business?

4 benefits of gamifying your business travel policy

There are lots of great benefits to gamifying your business travel policy. For example:

Boost motivation: By gamifying mundane travel-related tasks, staff will feel more motivated to adhere to your policy as it comes with a reward.

Increase employee engagement: Improve employee participation and interaction with the travel program by making the whole process more interesting and rewarding.

Promote positive behaviours: Use gamification as a way of promoting desired behaviours like cost-conscious booking, timely expense reporting, and adherence to travel policy guidelines.

Foster healthy competition: Create a friendly, motivating environment where employees strive to achieve goals and climb up the leaderboard.

How to implement travel policy game mechanics

So now you know the benefits of gamifying your business travel policy, how do you go about embedding gamification into your travel program?

Define your goals: Do you want to save on company travel costs, improve policy compliance, or increase employee satisfaction? Clarifying your desired outcomes from the start is key to running a successful gamification program.

Choose the right game mechanics: Choose which game mechanics work best for your team, like points, badges, leaderboards, or challenges that align directly with your goals.

Personalise the experience: Tailor the game elements to cater to different employee preferences and motivations.

Track and analyse: Monitor progress, collect feedback, and adapt the game mechanics based on data and employee input to keep your gamification program engaging.

Offer meaningful rewards: Select rewards that incentivize participation by asking employees what they want.

We surveyed thousands of European business travellers to find out which rewards employees want to see in their gamified business travel policy - download the eBook to see the results.