3 tips for enforcing your travel policy

Oct 13, 2023
Business Travel
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In theory, the company chooses a travel policy, and all employees adopt it for their business trips, however, in practice, it is quite the opposite. The first reason for this is that many companies don't include all kinds of travel in their policy; ground transportation is often neglected and wrongly so. Secondly, it's very challenging to convince all employees to book their business trips through the channels imposed by the company.
How do you enforce your travel policy and satisfy the travellers at the same time? Here are three tips from FREE NOW for Business to help you with this!

1.Before choosing a partner: put the travellers at the centre of your decision!

Every company is different with varying needs. As such, the travel manager's primary role is to listen to travellers, understand who they are, how they travel and what's most convenient for them. Employee satisfaction is really important for the travel manager upon the selection of a supplier. Their concern for their employees' needs ensures that the travel policy imposed is adapted and respected. The FREE NOW for Business tip: How do you know what will make your employees happy? Ask them directly! We've noticed that travellers tend to respect mobility rules when it suits them. If your employees frequently travel to several European cities, it's wiser to consider a European transport solution. FREE NOW for Business is available in more than 100 European cities like London, Berlin, Dublin or Lisbon. By considering a large scale transport offering, your travel management is made easier, and you can offer more comfort to your business travellers. Your company can also be sure that your mobility policy is respected!

2. Beware of an overly strict travel policy: know how to balance control and freedom

Yes, it's important that the company remains in control and has visibility on all business travel, but the traveller mustn't lose their freedom either! Autonomy and flexibility are key to a respected travel policy. The FREE NOW for Business tip: For us, travellers must be able to book, modify or cancel their reservation with complete autonomy! The application gives them this power, and they can use it in all day-to-day situations. To control your employee without frustrating them, FREE NOW for Business offers the travel manager the possibility to put individual restrictions in place. You can define time or date limitations to ensure that your employees only book during authorized periods and that they respect your mobility policy. This way, it's possible to give more or less accessibility to employees while controlling expenses.

3. For your employees to respect your travel policy, they need to know about it!

Informing your employees about the business travel program in place is a critical step for the travel manager. Finding the right supplier (and at the right price) will be useless if the traveller isn't aware of this partnership and doesn't respect the rules. The FREE NOW for Business tip: Don't have time to waste communicating all the stipulations to your employees? Find a supplier who offers to do it for you! FREE NOW for Business partners receive personalised and adapted communication tools from the start of the partnership. This includes announcements, reminders and offers. Everything has been thought of to make your life easier! If you have an event that will require a lot of travel but don't want to manage its promotion internally then don't hesitate to contact our teams - they'll take care of it for you!
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