FREENOW Taxi Driver Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of being a FREENOW taxi driver!

On-Cab Advertising

Unlock lower commission with on-cab advertising benefits

Sign up to FREENOW on-cab advertising and unlock lower commission!

FREENOW Loyalty Program

Exclusive rewards giving you access to job-offer priority and a first look at prebooks. So, more jobs and higher earnings!
FREENOW have teamed up with other businesses to create opportunities for our taxi drivers. Read on to see how you can benefit

Refer and Earn

Refer another driver and earn a referral bonus:

*Terms: Limited-time offer for the referral of a new driver. The new driver’s progress will start from their first full week on the app. So if they sign up mid-week then your referral bonus and their onboarding bonus will start the following Monday. The offer is open to all new drivers. Drivers are considered new if they have never been on the app before or have not taken a job on the app within 18 months. Make sure your colleague knows they are being referred and complete onboarding. Once they have completed onboarding and the targeted number of jobs within the required days, you will receive your referral bonus. You need to be a FREE NOW driver to refer to another driver.