Ride-hailing with Mobility Budget

Want to provide taxis as an employee benefit? Your teams can book a cab with their Mobility Budget in just a couple of taps.
Two employees ordering a taxi via FREENOW app with their mobility budget provided by their human resources

Hail Taxis and Rides

Taxis and Rides in 150+ European cities

Book a taxi or Ride — our private hire vehicles (PHVs) — in hundreds of cities across Europe easily in our FREENOW app. The cost will deduct from employees’ Mobility Budget instantly.
Employee getting a taxi easily with their mobility budget by FREENOW for fast and reliable ride hailing trips
Employee hopping into a taxi on the street with their virtual mobility budget card and paying contactless

Jump in a cab at a taxi rank

Spot a taxi you want to hop into? Flag it down and pay contactless with your virtual Mobility Budget card.

Use ride-hailing apps outside FREENOW cities

One day we’ll be in every city in the world. But until then, you can use other ride-hailing apps to book taxis and Rides.
Employee booking a taxi anywhere in any city in the world where FREENOW doesn't operate

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Want to increase employee satisfaction and boost your HR strategy? Learn more about our Mobility Budget from FREENOW today.
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