At FREENOW, we believe in mobility that sets people free so they can get where they want in life.

As we journey forward, we're equally committed to making our cities, environment and communities thrive with us.

Keep reading to learn what we’re doing.


We're pleased to present our annual Sustainability Report that reflects a comprehensive overview of our progress towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Thriving Cities

We’re cityholics: we love the city and the people that are in it. We’re in 150+ cities across Europe. London, Berlin, Athens, Dublin… And wherever we are, we want our cities to be diverse, inclusive, more livable and less congested.

As the Mobility Super App, we make sure there’s always lots of ways to get around, so that the city is accessible to everyone. That also means fewer privately owned cars on the streets, so less traffic and congestion.

Our app also helps ease pressure on urban infrastructures, offering alternative travel options when the system is saturated.

Finally, we’re also helping make public transport even more accessible. This year we added public transport to our app in Germany.

Thriving Environment

Cities can only thrive if the environment does too. And that means reducing emissions generated by trips in the cities.

That’s why we keep adding brands that share these values to our app, so passengers can get from A to B on zero-emission vehicles like eScooters, eBikes, eMopeds or shared cars. All the while having and expanding the options to book electric taxis and Rides.

We also support our drivers to make the switch to electric cars through exclusive incentives and partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and energy providers.

In addition, we use our data to help authorities make better decisions. For example, suggesting the best places for electric charging stations.

To track how we’re doing at reducing the emissions, we’ve set some science-based near-term targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Thriving Communities

We’re people-loving, whether that’s our team, passengers, drivers, and anyone in the city.

We’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone is treated equally and feels safe, valued and included. We offer equal pay and opportunities to everyone, fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. We empower all our employees to thrive at FREENOW.

For our passengers, we invest in inclusive services and products everyone can use. For example, covering as many languages as we can in our app and making taxis and Rides accessible for everyone.

As for our drivers and fleet partners, we offer exclusive benefits and run local initiatives, from loyalty rewards to partnership discounts. Find out more here.

Finally, safety is at the core of everything we do. From passengers being able to share their trip's live location, to extensive driver onboarding and a dedicated support team.