Streamline corporate event travel planning

Ensure your team gets home safely after your company events with FREENOW’s reliable business taxis.
Employee enjoying time at corporate event expecting his FREENOW business travel taxi after

Improved booking and itinerary management

FREENOW taxi driver taking employee home after corporate event

Hassle-free taxis for company gatherings

We’re experts at getting people from A to B. Book a call, tell our team what you need and we’ll do the rest.
FREENOW taxi driver driving in the rain safely going to pick up employee after corporate event

Get your team home safely

All our drivers are fully licensed, insured and vetted. Your team is always safe with us.
Employee enjoying time at a corporate event going to order FREENOW taxi soon

Stay green at the company party

Don’t want your event to negatively impact Earth? Don’t worry, with us you can request electric vehicles to keep your team secure and the planet green.

Trusted by +30,000 businesses

Discover business travel with FREENOW

Want to simplify getting your team from A to B? Learn more about our full business travel offering from FREENOW.
Walking to their company's corporate event after arriving to the venue with FREENOW Taxi

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