Make long-distance travel accessible

Mobility Budget isn’t just local. Your employees can use their employee benefits to pay for long-distance travel, like trains and aeroplanes.
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Long-distance travel for your employees

Employee boarding a long-distance bus holding their phone with the FREENOW logo popping out.

Offer long-distance trains as an employee benefit

Give your team the gift of a weekend home visiting their parents — or a romantic getaway to a new city. They can use their Mobility Benefits Card to buy tickets for any train company - Iarnród Éireann, DART, and more.
Two large red suitcase with tags on for an international flight

Use Mobility Budget to buy plane tickets

Your employees can use their budget to go further than just the airport. Now, they use their Mobility Budget to pay for flights.
Woman boarding a long-distance bus paid for with her company employee benefits

Enjoy long-distance bus rides

Employees can choose other long-distance travel options like buses. Making Mobility Budget extend even further.

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