International travel with Mobility Budget

Offer your employees international travel with Mobility Budget. That way, your global teams can be close to their friends and families — or enjoy a holiday far, far away.
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Delight your employees with international travel

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The perfect benefit for international teams

In today's world, international teams are the norm. Let your employees put their benefits towards the things that really matter by booking a trip back home.
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Use FREENOW in +150 European cities

Teams can travel by transport options in the FREENOW app. Or they can pay contactless for other forms of transport with the virtual card.
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Employees can use their budget abroad

From Singapore to South Africa, employees enjoy their Mobility Budget across the globe. Give them the chance to scratch a location off their bucket list.

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Retain and attract talent with FREENOW

Want to increase employee satisfaction and boost your HR strategy? Learn more about our Mobility Budget from FREENOW today.
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