Fuel or charge your electric car

A travel benefit rural and remote employees can use

In today’s remote world, public transport doesn’t benefit everyone.

If you have rural team members, digital nomads or employees who simply like to drive — this is the benefit for them.

Employee working remotely outside on a laptop
Employee sitting in car looking at phone after paying contactlesly for fuel with his FREENOW Mobility Budget

Fuel your car and pay at the pump

Pay for fuel with the virtual Mobility Benefits Card. Just one tap and you’re off!

You can even use it as a more flexible version of a corporate fuel card.

Charge your electric vehicle with your virtual card

We love electric vehicles at FREENOW.

That’s why your team can charge their cars and pay with their budget. Just tap your Mobility Benefits card at the charging station.

Employee sitting in a car with leaves flying past the window.

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