One employee benefit. 1,000 ways to use it.

Mobility Budget from FREENOW and Visa is a monthly allowance you give your employees to spend on travel and mobility. Taxi, public transport, carsharing, parking — anything they want, anywhere in the world.

One benefit, fits all

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    Remote and hybrid ready

    Digital nomads, office workers, remote and hybrid teams. Mobility Budget benefits all your employees. No matter where they’re located.
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    1,000 ways to use it

    Taxis, car repairs, flights, parking, public transport or electric car share? Your employees get total freedom to choose.
  •  No expensing required

    97% of employees love it

    Stop wasting budget on benefits employees don't want to use — and give them the employee benefit thousands of Europeans have voted as their favourite.
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    No expensing required

    Employees pay with a tap. No expensing required. You get transparent usage reports and pay just one monthly invoice.
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    Total flexibility

    Customise the budget by country, seniority level or team. Full control at your fingertips with ultimate flexibility.
  • Mobility Budget requires no paperwork - quick and easy to set up FREENOW employee benefits

    Lightning-fast onboarding

    Onboard employees in less time than it takes to grab a coffee. We automate employee payments so you can focus on other tasks.

Flexible Solutions with Mobility Budget

How does Mobility Budget work?

For companies

A computer screen showing the FREENOW benefits dashboard where HR teams can easily upload new employees at the click of a button.

1. Set up your account

Decide how much budget to give employees according to specific teams, markets and seniority. Tailor-made policies that fit your budget.

A computer screen showing the FREENOW benefits administration panel where HR teams can invite new employees to their mobility budget.

2. Invite your employees

Invite your employees with one click. They can use their budget to pay for anything in the FREENOW app, or use their virtual Mobility Benefits Card and Apple/Google Pay to pay for anything else.
A computer screen showing the FREENOW Benefits Administration Panel dashboard with graphs and the number of employee trips recorded.

3. Track usage and measure ROI

Mobility Budget from FREENOW for Business is a tangible employee benefit solution. Unlike other benefits, Mobility Budget is the employee benefit that you can actually track and measure.

For employees

FREENOW home screen on a mobile phone where employees can set up their Mobility Budget employee benefit.

1. Set up their account easily

Your employees create their FREENOW account and set up their virtual payment card in minutes. All in the FREENOW app. No tricky authentication or paperwork necessary.
Mobile phone with FREENOW app on the screen where employees can book taxis, bike and other modes of transport as part of their employee benefits.

2. Travel with the FREENOW app

Employees can use their budget to pay for anything in the FREENOW app. From taxis to eScooters — they can use anything that’s available in their city.
A mobile phone showing a screen from the FREENOW app with the Mobility Benefits Card employees can use to pay for transport outside the app as part of their employee benefit.

3. Travel with the Benefits Card

Employees can use the virtual Mobility Benefits Card to pay for mobility-related services — like car washing or flights — online or contactless with Google/Apple pay. Anywhere in the world.

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Find the right Mobility Budget package

Contract Duration
Number Of Employees
I want to pay
    Offer your employees a game-changing mobility benefits.
    5,50 €
    HR Managers enjoy:
    • Convenient employee management

    • Automated budget policies

    • Automated files for payroll reporting

    • Only 2 invoices per billing period

    • CO2 offset for all trips
    Employees enjoy:
    • One app to track their budget and book trips

    • One-click onboarding

    • Costs settled directly - no expensing

    • Flexible Mobility Options: Taxi, PHV, Carsharing, eScooter, eMopeds, Bikes

    • Public transport

    Everything from the Starter package, as well as extra reporting and a connection to existing tools
    8,50 €
    HR Managers enjoy:
    • All starter packages feature

    • Automated employee sync via SFTP

    • CO2 emission reporting

    • Integration to Payroll Systems

    • Integration to HR tool

    Employees enjoy:
    • All starter packages feature

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