Your handy scooting guide

Fancy hitting the town on one of our eScooters but not sure where to begin? This helpful guide tells you everything you need to know.



Head to the Scooter & Bike tab in our app to find your eScooter on the map. Use the info on the scooter to make sure you’ve got the right one (they sometimes come in packs). You can also scan a scooter’s QR-code. Unlock it with the app and you’re good to go!


Not sure how?

Kick the kickstand up, step on the deck with one foot and push off with the other. Then keep both feet as you begin to move. Gently press the throttle handle (under your right handlebar) to speed up. Smile... you’re looking cool.


Safety is key

ALWAYS wear a helmet and never ride on public roads, highways or motorways. When available use bike lanes. You need to be 18 (or older) to use our scooters. And don’t drink and scoot...if you’ve had one too many, switch tabs and take a Ride or a Taxi.


Slow down, take in the scenery

To slow down, release your throttle handle and gently press the brake handle under the left handlebar (don’t be too firm or you’ll stop immediately). Some eScooters also come with handy hand-brakes or a kick-down break on the rear wheel, so it’s easy to stop whenever you need to.

Slow zones

In some areas there are zones where lots of pedestrians and cars are concentrated. The maximum allowed speed there is 6 km/h so your Voi will automatically run slightly slower (we mark these areas in yellow on the map).


Parking and locking

To end your trip, park the scooter in a designated area or bike rack and tap the ‘End rental’ button in the app (make sure to tap it right away, as your trip is charged by the minute). Be a great human and DO NOT block sidewalks, bike lanes or driveways.


Mandatory Parking zones

In some parts of the city, please only park in the designated spots. They are indicated in blue on the map and are mandatory in the city centre. We recommend finding a parking spot near your destination before you start a trip.


No parking zones

In some places around the city, it’s forbidden to park (marked red on the map). You can’t end your Voi rental in a red no parking zone.

And please always be a nice human - DO NOT block pavements, bike lanes or driveways.


Take a parking photo

When ending your rental, you will be asked to take a photo of your parked eScooter – this helps us know you’ve parked in the correct zone. It’s super easy to do, we’ll take you through each step when you ending your rental.

Any questions?