Fee Schedule - Ireland


In order to improve the efficiency of our service, we introduced a €5 passenger cancellation fee. You can still cancel your trip at any time, but please note you may be charged a fee in line with the preconditions set out below:

A. Cancellation Fee that applies after the taxi driver accepted your order

If you decide to cancel your order for a small public service vehicle (SPSV) 2 or more minutes after the SPSV driver accepted your order, you will be charged a €5 Cancellation Fee.

B. Cancellation Fee that applies after arrival of your taxi when the taxi driver cancels

If you are not at the collection address agreed with the SPSV driver within 3 minutes of the SPSV driver’s arrival and the SPSV driver cancels your order for a SPSV, you will be charged a €5 Cancellation Fee.

C. When you are a cash-only user:

If you are a cash-only user and have incurred a Cancellation Fee subject to the preconditions set forth in this Cancellation Fee Policy, you will be blocked from using the FREE NOW App after 2 cancellations until full payment of all Cancellation Fees due from you.

D. When we won’t charge you the Cancellation Fee:

You may cancel a SPSV order up to 1 time without incurring the Cancellation Fee.


As of: May 2020

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