of the company FREE NOW Hellas Single Member S.A. (hereinafter referred to as "FREENOW")

Into force from 11 March 2024




These general terms and conditions of use ("GTC") govern the use by passengers (hereinafter the "User" or the "Users") of FREENOW's software and services, including the online direct debit service, via credit card, PayPal or other payment methods (hereinafter collectively: "FREENOW Payment" or "Pay by App"). The User accepts these GTCs upon first registering for or using the FREENOW software and each time he/she logs in to use the FREENOW software thereafter.


This contract is drawn up in Greek only. Any other version of this contract is a non-binding translation of the official Greek text. The User has access to these GTCs also through the FREENOW software on the terminal device he/she owns.


Α. General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Application for FREENOW passengers

Ι. Services of FREENOW

(1) Before using the services of FREENOW, the User must register with FREENOW by providing true and accurate information at the time of registration (first and last name, telephone number and valid e-mail address) and choose a secure password. Only then the User is entitled to use FREENOW's software and services on the basis of these GTC and applicable legislation. For more information about the collection and processing of your personal data, please refer to FREENOW's Privacy Policy for Users. 


(2) FREENOW shall provide the User with the FREENOW software (hereinafter referred to as "Application") and its services for mobile terminals that have access to the Internet, mainly smartphones, tablets (hereinafter referred to as "Terminal Devices"). Through the Application, the User can use FREENOW's technology intermediation service, subject to its availability, and book a taxi through FREENOW. FREENOW offers the possibility to choose between several categories of taxis with different features. In these cases, the User is informed via the Application, prior to the conclusion of the contract, about the basic characteristics of each taxi category, the estimated cost of the trip, any additional charges and the payment methods offered.

When a User makes a taxi reservation through FREENOW, FREENOW forwards the request to potential taxi drivers (hereinafter referred to as "Taxi Drivers"). For this purpose, the User's current location and destination are identified and sent to the Taxi Drivers. After the Taxi Driver accepts the User's request, the User's identity details are made available to the Taxi Driver.

For the purposes of providing the service, the User may also contact by telephone the Taxi Driver who has accepted his/her request to book a taxi through FREENOW. In case the User wishes to make the communication via a telephone device, which has a dual SIM card, he/she should choose to use the SIM card with the number with which he/she has registered in the Application.  The communication is subject to charges in accordance with the fee policy of the User's telephone communications provider. 

The User may also use the intermediation services of the FREENOW Application to obtain and use further mobility services (hereinafter: "Other Mobility Services") from other Mobility Service Providers (hereinafter: "Mobility Service Provider") that cooperate with FREENOW in accordance with section A.II of these GTCs.


The User may create an additional profile within the Application and select this profile for specific routes ("Professional Profile"). The User will thus be able to monitor separately the charges for trips made in the Professional Profile ("Professional Account").

(2A) The User may make use of the technological intermediation services of the FREENOW and through the websites or electronic platforms of third parties ("Third Party Platforms"), without using the Application. In such cases, registration on the FREENOW to use its services is not required. The User shall be bound by these GTCs accordingly.

(3) The services provided by the Application do not include the use of the Internet, which is a prerequisite for the use of FREENOW's services. The User is responsible for ensuring access to the Internet, for selecting a Terminal Device that meets the technical configuration and performance specifications to enable the Application to be used, and for keeping the necessary software up to date, at his/her own expense.


(4) Users when using the technological intermediation services of the FREENOW, may be charged a pre-booking fee for taxi,       according to the price list provided by law, in addition to the cost of using the Mobile Terminal Device (such as for example connection costs) and the provision of the taxi service. For more information on the applicable pre-booking fee please refer to the following link: https://www.free-now.com/gr/politiki-chreoseon/. The User does not have to pay a fee to FREENOW for booking a taxi or any other Mobility Service, except in the cases described in Sections VII (Conditions for Trip Cancellations) and VIII (Conditions for Platform Fees) herein and regardless of the taxi fare or the amount owed to the Taxi Driver or the Mobility Service Provider, respectively. It may be necessary to pay an additional charge to the Taxi Driver in the context of the latter's provision of the transport service (e.g. for airport transfers, luggage, etc.), if this is provided for by applicable legal provisions, such as taxi fare regulations.

(5) If the User makes a reservation for a taxi or other mobility service through the FREENOW Application, FREENOW forwards the request to the User's potential counterparties, for example Taxi Drivers or Mobility Service Providers. The App provides only technological mediation and no other service. In particular, the use of the Application does not lead in any case to the conclusion of a passenger transport contract or a mobility service contract between FREENOW and the User. Any claims arising from passenger journeys booked through FREENOW will relate exclusively to the relationship between the respective Taxi Driver or Mobility Service Provider and the User. FREENOW expressly does not assume any liability for third parties, in particular for Taxi Drivers and for Mobiity Service Providers.  The charge for the transport service used will in principle be exclusively between the User and the Taxi Driver or Mobility Service Provider and will be governed by the legal provisions.


(6) FREENOW may work with affiliated companies or external partners to process billing data.

(7)  Scoring system: Users transported by drivers can rate his/her services (driver and vehicle). In addition, the drivers have the possibility to rate the Users. For details on the rating system, Users are referred to the applicable Passenger Privacy Policy.

II. Other mobility services

(1) During the use of Other Mobility Services (e.g. electric bicycles), FREENOW acts as a technological intermediary of a service contract with the respective Mobility Service Provider and does not become a contractual partner of the User for the provision of Other Mobility Services. The contractual partner of the User is the respective Mobility Service Provider.


(2) The Mobility Service Providers themselves are responsible for the Other Mobility Services. The general terms and conditions of the respective Mobility Service Provider shall apply to the use of the Mobility Services. These conditions will be made available to the User prior to booking and, if necessary, the User's consent will be obtained.


(3) The privacy policy of the respective Mobility Service Provider will also be made known to the User before booking the Other Mobility Services.


(4) The Mobility Service Provider assigns to FREENOW its claims against the User for payment of the fees for the Other Mobility Services. Therefore, FREENOW shall collect the payment for the Other Mobility Service in its name and on its behalf. However, the service contract continues to exist between the Other Mobility Service Provider and the User.


(5) Unless other payment methods are offered for the Other Mobility Service in question, the User must pay the Mobility Service Provider's claim for the use of Other Mobility Services, cashless, via Pay by App/Pay by App, in accordance with these GTCs. The fee for the Other Mobility Service is paid using the payment method chosen by the User during the registration or booking process.


(6) Mobility Service Providers sometimes require verification of the User's driver's license, identity and/or address ("validation") in order to book Other Mobility Services. Booking Other Mobility Services with Mobility Service Providers may require additional criteria to be met, such as minimum driving experience based on the length of time you have held a driver's license. To certify that these requirements are met, FREENOW may impose a user validation process. FREENOW will specify the type of validation required in a binding manner. The validation shall be performed in the FREENOW application. You may perform the validation through FREENOW or through a third party designated by FREENOW. When validating, the User must provide complete and accurate information as requested and update this information in case of changes. In addition, the presentation of official documents (e.g. identity card, driving licence) is required. Successful validation will be stored in the User's FREENOW account. FREENOW has the right to repeat and update the validation at a later date. A subsequent change in validation requirements may also result in a change to validations already issued.


(7) The User is responsible for fulfilling all requirements for the use of Other Mobility Services or services agreed with or by Mobility Service Providers in accordance with the terms and regulations applicable in each case (e.g. a valid driver's license).


(8) FREENOW reserves the right not to forward the User's booking request for another Mobility Service to the Mobility Service Provider if there is reasonable cause to believe that the User will not behave in accordance with the terms of the contract or if it is obvious to FREENOW that the User does not meet the minimum requirements set by the Mobility Service Provider or FREENOW for booking with that Mobility Service Provider.


III. Availability, change and interruption of service

(1) The User may not require permanent and uninterrupted availability of the Application, for example, if there is no Internet connection. Nor does FREENOW guarantee that a taxi or Other Mobility Service will be available for the User to provide the Service. However, FREENOW will make every effort to achieve the highest possible level of availability and eliminate interruptions as soon as possible.


(2) In addition, FREENOW has the right to temporarily suspend services for technical reasons. However, FREENOW will inform Users prior to the interruption of the service through the website, the Application or by other means, unless there is an urgent need to suspend the services that does not allow FREENOW to inform Users accordingly.


(3) FREENOW reserves the right at any time to modify the Application in a way that is reasonable for the User, for example, in order to improve the Application and to make qualitative improvements to it.


IV. General obligations of the User

(1) Before using the Application, Users must register or be registered with FREENOW, providing truthfully their respective data. The User is always obliged to provide their personal data honestly and completely and in compliance with the respective requirements of FREENOW and to maintain and update such data. The User reserves the right to access, correct, update or request the deletion of their personal data, as well as to request the restriction of the processing of their personal data or to oppose the processing of their personal data.


(2) A User who created a Professional Profile is solely responsible for the use of the Professional Account on a per-trip basis. FREENOW is not obligated or technically able to determine whether the User's route is for business or personal purposes.



(3) In addition, the User must ensure that no damage, overloading or damage occurs during the use of the FREENOW Application and that the purpose of the Application is not endangered or circumvented. The User shall not circumvent or modify the security measures in the Application, either directly or through third parties.


(4) All rights to the software remain with FREENOW. The User may not copy, modify, reverse engineer, decompile or distribute the software provided to the User.


(5) The User must keep the username and password secure and must not provide them to third parties or allow them to access the Application. Only the User shall be responsible for the confidentiality and security of his/her account. The User must inform FREENOW immediately if a third party uses his/her account without authorization. In particular, the User is obliged to inform FREENOW of any loss, theft or misuse of his/her password or smart phone (smartphone) or other Terminal Device with which he/she uses FREENOW and the Pay by App service, or any other unauthorized use of the User's account, password or other personal identification data. If the User suspects that any of the above has occurred or is aware of it, the User must immediately notify FREENOW using the contact information provided in the required notifications (hereinafter "Disconnection Notice"). 

(6) The User may not store, use or otherwise process the personal data of any other party involved for any purpose other than the provision of services under these GTC and/or transfer them to uninvolved third parties, unless the other party involved has given its consent.


V. Liability

(1) FREENOW shall not be responsible for the correctness and completeness of any information provided by the User when using FREENOW's services.

(2) In case the User is a "consumer", as defined by Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, or any other law or regulation replacing it, the following limitation of liability shall not apply. If the User suffers damages through the use of the Application, including if the damage is due to incorrect or incomplete information, delays in sending information or unavailability/malfunctioning of the Application, FREENOW will be liable only in case of fraud and/or gross negligence.


(3) The limitation of liability shall not apply either when guarantees are assumed in cases of damage caused to life, bodily integrity or health, claims under the applicable laws on product liability or, as referred to in the previous paragraph (2), in case the user is a "consumer" as defined by Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection on Consumer Rights, or any other law or regulation replacing it.


(4) FREENOW services are intended for adults. Persons up to 18 years of age may download and use the Application only with the consent of their legal representatives, provided that this is permitted in accordance with applicable law. Such minor's legal representatives are responsible for any services used by the minor. The legal representatives are also responsible for monitoring the minor's use.


(5) If the Application or data transmission damages or destroys the User's hardware or software, FREENOW will be liable only if this is caused by FREENOW's fraudulent intent or gross negligence or if the User is a "consumer" as defined in paragraph A.V (2) above. FREENOW will not be liable for the loss of the User's data, as it is the User's responsibility to ensure that the User's data is backed up.


(6) FREENOW is not responsible for services provided by a Taxi Driver or Mobility Service Provider, as FREENOW is only a technological intermediary for the transaction. Damages affecting the User in the context of the passenger transport service or Other Mobility Services provided through FREENOW will be settled between the parties to the transport agreement (i.e. the User and the respective Taxi Driver) or the parties to the Other Mobility Services (i.e. the User and the respective Mobility Service Provider). FREENOW shall not be liable for services performed by the Taxi Driver or the Mobility Service Provider.


(7) FREENOW shall not be liable if it ceases to provide services in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently.


(8) FREENOW will not be responsible for third party content and links to third party websites on the FREENOW website or the Application.

VI. Responsibility for content

 (1) In case FREENOW allows Users to publish content on the Application, websites or other media managed or hosted by FREENOW, the User who publishes the material will be solely responsible for the content of the publication. The User is obliged to comply with all laws and regulations in accordance with accepted ethical principles and the requirement of objectivity.


(2) FREENOW is entitled to immediately remove any published material that violates the above rules.

(3) In case FREENOW restricts all or part of the information provided by the User or terminates this contract or suspends, ceases or otherwise restricts monetary payments or suspends or ceases the provision of services in whole or in part, the User will receive a clear and specific justification from FREENOW regarding its decision. The User may appeal to FREENOW's internal complaint management system against such decision. For this purpose, the User is invited to send his/her complaint, together with all the appropriate information and supporting documents (the "Request") to the following address: https://support.free-now.com. The User will receive confirmation that the Application has been received by FREENOW, which reserves the right to contact the User to obtain additional information, if necessary. FREENOW undertakes to provide the User with the results of the investigation of the Request within a reasonable period of time, specifying that this period of time depends on the importance and complexity of the problem raised. The User may contact FREENOW at any time to obtain information on the processing of the Request.


VII. Conditions for route cancellations

(1) Whenever the User submits a request to FREENOW for intermediation in order to book a taxi or other mobility service, the User has the right to cancel his/her request (withdrawal) without giving any reason and without any charge. This right of the User ceases to apply after the full provision of the intermediation service, i.e. from the moment the booking is confirmed with the respective Taxi Driver or Mobility Service Provider.

(2) If the User decides to cancel a trip after the reservation has been accepted by the Taxi Driver or if the service was cancelled by the Driver when the User did not show up at the place where he ordered the taxi, the User may be charged a cancellation fee. The amount of the cancellation charge and the cancellation terms will be communicated to the User in due course before they come into effect.


VIII. Conditions for Platform Fees

FREENOW may introduce special charges for the Platform Services. These charges may vary depending on factors such as, but not limited to, the selected fleet and time of day.  For more information on the Platform's charging policy, please click on the following link [insert link].


IX. Duration and Termination

(1) The User, from the date of acceptance of these GTCs, has the right to withdraw from them at any time without stating the reasons and without any charge, by submitting a request to delete his/her account through the Application.

(2) FREENOW reserves the right to terminate the contract completely or to discontinue the provision of specific services under the contract, with immediate effect, if the User seriously violates the contractual or legal obligations. For the sake of clarity, termination of the contract shall simultaneously terminate the use of Pay by App/Pay by App and any other service related to the App.



Β. Terms and conditions for the "Pay by App" service.


I. Object of the Pay by App service, PayPal note

(1) In accordance with these GTCs, FREENOW allows Users to make cashless payments through the FREENOW App to pay Taxi Drivers or Mobility Service Providers for journeys made by Users using any of the offered payment methods (such as credit card) (collectively referred to as a Pay by App journey/ Pay by App journey). 

For more information on the maximum allowable value of a Pay by App trip and the costs and payments, please refer to the Fee Policy at the following FREENOW link: https://www.free-now.com/gr/politiki-chreoseon/ 


(2) When submitting an electronic payment method, the User may be asked to select a personal identification feature (such as PIN or password) to manage payments and authorizations for Pay by App routes. In addition, User acknowledges and agrees that:

 ● when registering a payment method (e.g. credit card), when ordering a ride or when paying through the App, the User may need to perform an additional identity check.

 ● This identification check can be processed through different methods (e.g. one-time password, password, biometric authentication) and depends on the agreement of each User with his/her bank, payment service provider and/or credit card issuer (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express).


In addition, FREENOW reserves the right to process a payment request at any time after the charge becomes due and payable to FREENOW in accordance with these GTCs (for example, late payments, debt adjustment or other charges) to the Taxi Driver or another Mobility Service Provider and, in addition, in respect of a selected tip and any applicable fees (see. A. VII and VIII and the Mobility Service Provider's terms and conditions) without requiring additional authentication by the User described above.


The User should note that the terms of this clause B.I.(2) are provided for the User's information in relation to any requirement or procedure required by the User's bank. As a result, (i) FREENOW shall have no liability or responsibility to User for the application, non-application, delay or failure of any such requirement or process required by User's bank and (ii) the terms of this B.I. (2) clause shall not affect or diminish User's obligations to FREENOW under these GTCs.


(3) The User is free to choose from the payment methods provided for payments through the Application, subject to the provisions of section B.I. (4) below. The User may modify, adjust or remove these cashless payment methods in the FREENOW App, provided that there is no outstanding payment for a trip made through the App. For each trip, the User may also select one of the payment methods stored in the Application at the time of payment. However, if the selected payment method fails, another payment method provided by the User will be used for the payment. It is not allowed to pay for a single trip with a combination of payment methods.


If the User removes all cashless payment methods from the App, the User can continue to pay for taxi rides in cash or any other permitted payment method. Conversely, disabling the "Pay by App" payment method will exclude the use of Other Mobility Services. The User confirms that the data provided to make the payment is correct and accepts the terms and conditions for Payment via App.


(4) If the User chooses to pay via a partner online payment platform for online payments (e.g. PayPal, ApplePay) ("Online Payment Platform"), the User pays FREENOW the final amount selected during the payment process, but does not need to provide FREENOW with his/her bank details. The payment is made through automated direct debit (electronic direct debit) or debit (credit card payment) only between the User and the respective Electronic Payment Platform. According to the terms and conditions of use of the respective Electronic Payment Platform, the User may be charged separately for the use of the service of the respective Electronic Payment Platform. In order to use the payment service of the relevant Electronic Payment Platform for FREENOW, the User must create an account on the relevant Electronic Payment Platform and may be asked to confirm at the time of payment that the payment of the relevant Electronic Payment Platform is intended for FREENOW. 


II. Contractual obligations of the User and payment

(1) The payment due from the User to the Taxi Driver for the journey made does not have to be made by a cashless payment through the Pay by App service, unless the User's reservation is for a taxi category for which the possibility of payment exclusively through the Pay by App is provided. For taxi routes, the User may freely choose the payment method of the trip (i.e. cash or via App). On the other hand, for journeys through Mobility Service Providers, the User must pay through the Payment by App/Pay by App service, unless otherwise informed when booking the journey for another mobility service.


(2) If the User chooses the Pay by App option, the User shall pay the gross passenger fee and any desired tip and/or desired social responsibility charge at the end of the journey or the amount due to the Mobility Service Provider and hereby authorizes FREENOW to automatically deduct the amount due from the credit card, PayPal account or other payment instrument. The App provides the option to predefine the tip as a percentage of the trip value, which the passenger voluntarily pays to the Taxi Driver.


(3) In case the User (i) deposits a new payment method for Payment via the App/Pay by App or (ii) selects Payment via the App/Pay by App when hailing a taxi or other mobility service via the App or on a so-called hop on tour (a route not booked via the App), FREENOW reserves the right to perform a pre-approval transaction for validation purposes using the payment method stored (usually € 0 - 0.50). This pre-authorisation transaction is also carried out in case the signal was unsuccessful or the route is cancelled. Any pre-authorisation will temporarily reduce the available balance for the respective payment method by the pre-authorisation amount for up to 10 business days and may appear as a temporary block on the respective payment card. The pre-authorisation amount for validation purposes, as described above, will not be charged to the relevant payment method.


In addition, FREENOW may require pre-approvals to the User's default or selected payment method reflecting the estimated or, as the case may be, fixed fare amount, including any default tip for the ride. This amount will not be charged at the time of booking by the default or selected payment method, but is intended to pay the actual fare, including any default tip, or other applicable charges. FREENOW may confirm the details of such pre-authorisation by email (to the User's registered email address) or via the App once the User has completed the booking. It will not be possible to subsequently change (i.e. during or at the end of the trip) the payment method selected at the beginning of the trip if the originally selected payment method has been pre-approved. A change to the pre-selected payment method can only be made through the application of the respective Taxi Guide serving a trip, upon request of the User, at the end of the trip, provided that the User's account meets the necessary requirements. If the payment is received in full, the blocked amount will be released by FREENOW. This processing may take up to 5 working days by the User's bank or payment service provider.


By using the Pay by App function, the User consents to FREENOW's pre-approval procedures as stated in this clause.


(4) FREENOW expressly reserves the right not to offer certain payment methods in individual cases or in general, for example, when the User owes amounts to FREENOW, when fraud is suspected (for example, unauthorized card use) or when FREENOW will discontinue its cooperation with certain payment service providers.

(5) FREENOW expressly reserves the right to permanently or temporarily block the User's account or the additional functions of the Pay by App service for the User or to require the User to set a new password, PIN or other personal identification data, if there are relevant reasons justifying such action or if there is a suspicion that the account or the User's personal identification feature was used fraudulently or without authorization.


(6) FREENOW expressly reserves the right to permanently or temporarily block the User's account or the additional functions of the Pay by App service for the User in case there is a pending payment for a trip made through the App.


III. Conditions for the use of coupons through the Pay by App Service / Pay by App

Unless more specific FREENOW promotional terms apply to specific campaigns, the following conditions apply to the use of the coupons:


(1) The registered User can redeem the promo code only if he/she chooses "Pay via the application" as a payment method.


(2) The promo code will be valid for a predetermined number of trips and can only be entered once per User, account, phone number and email address during the respective promotion period specified in the promo code. Once the promo code is used in the App, the promo code and any remaining value will expire. Codes not redeemed during the promotional period will expire without compensation. Codes or their balance are not exchangeable for cash. In the event that codes could not be used due to technical errors, no money will be paid.


(3) If it is a code for a first payment via the App, it can be used only once per User and for the first time the User pays for a service using the Payment via App. If on the first trip, the User has not used the offer, he/she will not be able to benefit from the code for first Payment by App/Pay by App on any other trip.


(4) It is important that before the time of payment, the code is entered correctly and the User confirms that this code is accepted by the Application.


(5) The respective offer codes cannot be combined with other offers, subsidies, coupons or discounts. Codes have no monetary value, are non-transferable and can only be used once. Loss of the promo code does not entitle the holder to any replacement. The code may not be sold, resold or exchanged for cash.


(6) In case of unauthorized use, FREENOW will be authorized to block the User's accounts. Similarly, in case of fraud, attempted fraud or suspected other illegal activities related to the offer code or exchange thereof, FREENOW will be authorized to block and delete the respective User accounts. FREENOW will have the right to claim compensation from the User for any value or service fraudulently obtained.


IV. Special obligations of the User in case of advance reservations


(1) FREENOW Users may make an advance booking for a transfer by a Taxi Driver through FREENOW (hereinafter: "Advance Booking"). FREENOW will forward the taxi order assigned as an Advance Booking by a FREENOW User to the drivers. 


(2) As soon as the User receives confirmation of acceptance of the Advance Booking, the Taxi Driver is obliged to duly execute the Advance Booking in accordance with the reservation, i.e. to pick up the FREENOW User at the agreed place, at the agreed time and take the User to the desired destination. If the Taxi Driver cancels or fails to execute an Advance Booking, FREENOW shall not be liable in case third parties, in particular FREENOW Users who made Advance Bookings, make claims based on the fact that the Taxi Driver cancelled an accepted Advance Booking, did not carry out at all the route for which an Advance Booking was made or did not arrive on time.


V. Liability

(1) If the User chooses to pay via the App, he/she must ensure that the bank account to be debited has sufficient funds. If the bank account that FREENOW attempts to debit does not have sufficient funds, the User will incur any fees or charges (such as costs associated with a chargeback) incurred as a result of insufficient funds in the bank account.


(2) FREENOW assumes no liability for cashless payments, especially credit card charges and Electronic Payment Platform payments, unless the damage for which a claim is made is due to the operation of the Application. The User must contact the payment service provider and/or the payment office himself/herself if the booking is incorrect or has been made in error or if the payment process does not work properly.


(3) If the User defaults on the payment for the payment option he/she has chosen, FREENOW is entitled to claim interest payable in case of default according to the legal interest rate. FREENOW is entitled to claim higher damages if the damages caused by default are higher and can be documented.



(4) If the User intentionally violates his/her obligation to take due diligence to safeguard and protect his/her username, password or other personal identification features from unauthorized access by third parties, as described in these GTCs (see. in particular Section A.V. (5) above), and if FREENOW suffers damage as a result of such breach of duty of care, FREENOW expressly reserves the right to claim damages from the User. If FREENOW receives a Notice of Termination from the User, FREENOW will be liable for any damages incurred due to the use of the User's blocked account after the completion of the relevant procedure (which shall be completed within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the Notice of Termination) .


(5) The liability provisions of A. V remain in force.


C. Common final provisions

(1) If a provision of these GTCs is or becomes unenforceable or impracticable, or if it contains an unregulated point, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. A provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of these GTCs will be incorporated to replace the ineffective provision or to fill the gap.


(2) If the User is a businessman, a legal entity under public law or a public separate fund, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract shall be Greece. If the User is a "consumer" as defined in paragraph A.V (2) above, the courts of the User's domicile shall be the competent courts for the resolution of any dispute arising from this contract. If the User does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Greece or if the User's domicile or habitual residence is unknown at the time of the exercise of the legal remedy, the courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction.


(3) Greek law applies to contractual relations, with the exception of the rules of conflict of laws.


(4) Except for modifications made with the express consent of the User, FREENOW reserves the right to modify these GTCs to the extent necessary and in any reasonable manner for the User:

 ● to eliminate the consequential disruptions to the equivalence of key contractual obligations,

● to adapt to modified legislative or technical framework conditions; or 

● where this is acceptable to the User, especially in the case of changes that are not associated with any disadvantage for the User.

FREENOW will inform the User of any modification at the User's last known email address or via the Application. The modification will become part of the contract if the User does not object in writing or text form (email or fax as indicated to customer service) within two weeks of receiving such communication from FREENOW. In any case, if the User makes a reservation for a taxi ride or Other Mobility Service through the App and is asked to accept the new GTCs prior to the reservation, he/she is deemed to accept the amendments communicated by FREENOW.


(5) For any questions, queries or problems, please contact FREENOW via customer service. Contact information is available through the App or on the website.

6) Online dispute resolution under the article. 14 (1) ODR-VO (Online Regulation for the Online Dispute Resolution of Consumer Disputes): The European Commission provides a platform for electronic dispute resolution (EDR), which can be found at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EL


The User is informed that FREENOW is not obliged to participate and does not participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration body.

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