Informative Note by FREENOW for taxi operators

Information from thecompany FREENOW HELLAS Single-Member Societe Anonyme (hereinafter “FREENOW”)

(1) FREENOW connects taxi drivers ("Users") with potential passengers searching for taxis through its specially designed applications (a) either directly, bringing in contact the User with potential passengers FREENOW application), (b) or indirectly, bringing in contact the User with hotels in search for a taxi vehicle, pursuant to a request by their guests (FREENOW HOTEL application) (together the “Applications”). FREENOW's software through said applications only provides intermediation and not transportation services.

(2) FREENOW's services are used by Users who hold all required licenses, approvals and authorizations for the provision of taxi transport services or work legally for a holder of such licenses and comply with all statutory requirements for taxi transportation.

(3) The invoicing of passengers (i.e. the issuance of a legal receipt) for the transport service carried out by a taxi vehicle is done by the person who manages the taximeter, in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions.

(4) For each successful intermediation service through the Applications, the agreed commission is paid to FREENOW by the User (taxi driver); said commission is calculated on the gross value of the trip, as recorded in the receipt of the taximeter of the vehicle carrying out the transport, which is issued pursuant to point (3) above.

(5) In this context, we inform you about the issuance of invoices by FREENOW for the received commission (in accordance with the provisions in point (4) above) with data corresponding to the professional VAT number connected to the taximeter of each taxi vehicle used by Users when using the intermediation services of FREENOW, as provided by the applicable tax legislation.

(6) FREENOW's invoices are issued on a weekly basis and the invoices are sent electronically to the email address that the Users have responsibly declared to FREENOW, as a contact address for the persons whose professional details are linked to the respective taximeter. In any event, the invoiced professionals can inform FREENOW about the email address where they wish to receive the issued invoices.

For any clarifications or objections you can contact FREENOW through the Help Center: support.free-now.com/hc/el/requests/new

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