Electric bike hire and leasing

Zip through traffic and get to your destination on time. With eBikes, you’re in control. Pay with Mobility Budget as an employee benefit.
Employee riding a bike that they hired with their mobility benefit by FREENOW

Bike hire and leasing as an employee benefit

Bike rental companies

Employees can lease a bike for a day or long term and pay with their Mobility Budget. They can even use their budget with subscription leasing.
Employee riding a red eBike to commute to the office from the main train station with their mobility budget from FREENOW
Employee searching for bike rental in FREENOW app to pay with their mobility budget

Hop on an eBike in the FREENOW app

We integrate with several bike-sharing providers, so your employees can find, book and ride eBikes across their city with just a tap. The cost will come out of their mobility budget.

Government Bike to Work scheme in Ireland

We’re fans of government incentives that promote sustainable habits. That’s why your team can use their budget to pay for incentive-based bike schemes to get to and from work.
Employee using their government incentivised bike which she rented via FREENOW to ride home after work
Employees using bike via FREENOW mobility budget as a sustainable transport option to reduce CO2 emissions

Foster a culture of sustainability through employee benefits

Your employees care about the earth. So show them you care too by allowing them to choose sustainable options with their mobility budget, whether they want to cycle to work, hop in an electric taxi or ride public transport.

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